Only a dream…PT.1

Sooo..after FINALLY reading the XXL Freshman 10 article..(yawns.)… I start pondering on the type of hip-hop/rap music the generation AFTER us may be listening to if the ish we listen to is… well..ISH!…So after i got done rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth…(because the thought makes me wanna slap somebody!)…i try to come to a logical conclusion….IT TOOK AWHILE!
i quickly realized that rap is not about creativity anymore(for some, NOT all)..its about image (or the lack thereof)…and its clearly just modern day bojanglin’…but its so not funny. ….i constantly find myself scouring the internet and anywhere i can find to listen to rappers who are worth it!…it seems you have to really be a music lover to care this deeply…but, I AM…and I DO!
SOOOOO…what if there was a rap “dream team“??…what if these wack crack monkeys got benched until they could step their ‘game up’? (ahem. souljah boy, bow wow, oj da juiceman…should i go on?)….and the “worthy” rappers got drafted?…the ones who poured their hearts into their music actually got recognition…. *stares into space in deep thought*


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