Only a dream..PT.2

MY top 5 players in the game (as of now)…hands down. period:

1.)Drakehe can RAP and SING?!..
instant hits:
Faded .Say Whats Real .Successful .Share.Sooner Than Later.Brand New
“the young spit it and everybody in rap fear/alot of ya’ll still soundin like last year…”

instant hits:
Nike Boots.Freaks..Kicks.1 thing about a playa
“the most OPINIONATED city you can make it in/and still a n!gga made it here…”
-“Nike Boots”

3.)Mickey Factz-
instant hits:
Incredible.Good Money.Overdose on Life.6 Letter word
“you only slang words to the raps you wrote/i couldnt be a lame/it wouldnt be the same..”
-“rockin ‘N’ rollin”

instant hits:
Generation Lost.Mellow Fellow.I’m dat n!gga-(and he devoured this freestyle!)
“nowadays everybody wants to be a rapper/about 2yrs ago everybody was a trapper/obviously money is what everybodies after/cause slavery aint changed…its a modern day disaster…”
-“generation lost”

5.)Kid Cudi-
instant hits:
Day ‘n’ Night.The Prayer.Whenever.Pillowtalk
“my heart thumps not from being nervous/sometimes i’m thinking GOD made me special here on purpose..”
-“the prayer”

MVP of the year—> DRAKE…duh. he is talented as shnit!…(get your hands on his mixtapes)…when you got STEVIE WONDER warming up to your songs (Brand New) before shows..whoa. *speechless*…he needs to get signed soon!…and THANK ME LATER needs to hurry up!


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