Death…it happens.

So, i was really messed up a couple of months ago…it feels like people keep leaving my life..constantly…as if i ALREADY didnt have commitment problems…and seperation problems…and anxiety problems. BLAH BLAH BLAH

and as if i ALREADY didnt have enough to grieve over and bury inside for eternity..i had to get a phonecall and go find on the internet in april- “Man Found Dead After Police Standoff in Clinton, Maryland”…wow, REALLY…my uncle couldn’t take it anymore…lost it. GONE. Not even 3 months earlier in february…i find on the status of someones page on facebook  the internet of all places…and once again i read in the washington -“D.C. firefighter wounds 3, kills self”… one would say i have very bad luck as usual…others would say it was for me to gain more wisdom…well, i say its a sign…what sign u ask?…i sign that i should value those around me, treasure every waking moment, and remain a strong relationship with God and others…it’s hard to mourn…and even worst to try and come to terms with the fact that there were words that should have been expressed…and ways i wouldve showed how much you cared….this is hard…very hard…and no words could EVER express how i feel right now…EVER..All i can do is my life the best way i know how. I appreciate EVERYONE, friend or foe…especially the “HATERS”..i need you, and breathe you…like air…lol. But seriously. NO seriously, everything in life happens for a reason. So this was my reason.

SN: R.I.P.: Dante Paire (8/7/1986-2/4/2009)…and Andre Hawkins you will forever remain in my heart…
“A rose without thorns is like love without heartbreak; it doesn’t make sense.”
— Author Unknown


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