I am no fool…but YOU might be

Another reflection in the mirror…
“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.”

Never- i repeat NEVER…do i expect anyone to act out of character in order to talk to or date me..the most essential part of any person is their true self…and i expect nothing less. But i also NEVER want my intelligence insulted. A major part of maturing is being able to fully assess a situation without bias due to ignorances. i.e, dont tell me the grass is blue…when clearly we can both see that its green….and to add to that, dont get mad at me if i dont believe you! I hate that i fall for the most needy ppl…the ppl who NEED to have ppl around them, and NEED to have someone show them affection and love with no return. i feel like i’m very secure in my skin…secure enough to acknowledge that i have standards…in life, in relationships, in my career….i have a bar that i have set for myself and where it is that i want to go…as should everyone. And some ppl feel that if they dont meet that bar, that they should lie and pretend as if they do. (fake it till you make it)… But remember, everything that happens in the dark soon comes to light….and that is all…i will be collecting my check in the morning…BEETCHES!

SN: PLEASE dont be mad that i feel like i have to protect myself and my assets….life is just that…LIFE. But we can still facebook chat 😉 (HA!)..dumb arse.


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