Woman in the Mirror..

photo courtesy: murmurdc.com

:these are my hands!! i was so proud when i saw them on this site!:



I love to smile. I despise liars. I pretend to not care about people, because deep inside I care too much. I am very emotional. My son is the reason why I am breathing today. My trials do not hender my growth. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am a horrible driver. I love FOOD. Not eating when i’m hungry makes me mad. I have a horrible temper. I hate losing. Driving in DMV traffic is worse than child birth. I hate being judged. I despise hypocrites. Deep inside I am A HUGE nerd. I pretend to be a bully so that the real bullies wont pick on me. I fear dying alone. I am a nurturer. I hide behind my laughter. I love to see people laugh. I have a horrible shopping addiction. Seriously, it’s really bad. I believe in happily ever afters. I paint/draw to stop from crying sometimes. I am usually on the verge of tears before I go to sleep at night. I kiss my son a million times a day. I make to do lists for everything. I love the smell of lysol. I love sushi. I abhore bugs. I miss my childhood. I would be lost without my parents wisdom. My brother has grown to be my bestfriend. I regret absolutely nothing in my life. I watch other’s mistakes, and sometimes repeat them. I’m stubborn. I love to cook. I have very old fashioned ideals when it comes to relationships. I have never cheated in a relationship. I am honest to the point of being too aggressive. I have been told I should smile more. I did not vote for Obama. I  believe in angels. I admire my mom. I hate being analyzed by people who dont matter. I am afraid of my own thoughts. I have never been outside of the US. I love learning. I think people who hate kids hated their childhood. I adore fashion and design. I am very intellectual. I like to go on pointless walks. My dad tells me i’m beautiful everytime we talk. I am glad i have outgrown some people from highschool. The ones i still talk to I treasure like gold.  I work on computers. I have a not so secret facination with reality shows. I think Jon and Kate should be banned from society. I dont want to have anymore children. I am afraid of commitment. Thinking of death gives me anxiety. I hate when people use racism as a crutch. Gay people have it worse than anyone. I love being in the city. I hate sloppy drunks. And loud people. And people with no home training. If i ever get married, it will be forever. I refuse to settle, on anything. I am wise for my age.  I transferred from VUU because i value my education, and pockets…SORRY VUU GRADS! I sometimes pretend to not know things so I dont look like too much of a nerd. I enjoy very different genres of music. I forgive, but never forget. Having a baby is NOT the reason  I left college..(nosey idiots). I curse like a fuckin sailor. I read atleast 2 books per month. I like to surround myself with positive people. I think people who lie to keep me around are draining. I am a huge procrastinator. I believe i can achieve anything. Everything I do, I do for some reason. Either love me, or leave me alone.

SN: This has helped me to analyze who I am, I saw this on my friend http://ischeherazade.wordpress.com blog page. I admire the fact that she inspired me to do this. I feel like she is definitely a person I can get honest advice and words from… And whether she knows it or not I believe she is one of the most genuine people I know. I encourage all who read this post to do the same…you might learn a thing or two from staring at the man/woman in the mirror.


One Response to Woman in the Mirror..

  1. Yay! I inspired somebody to do something.

    Thank you for the kind words. I ‘preciate it. I like you, Waders. You and SF have become my favourite people I like to chat to.

    And yes, tell these people to take a good look in the mirror. It is amazing what you can discover!

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