To put a ring on it…OR NOT?


Put a ring on it??  Eh, NUUH.  (think my wife and kids)

And, thats how I feel about it…straight like that. I’ve had many conversations with males and females alike who either think im the perfect anamoly, or think i’m a crazed maniac. Either way it doesnt matter, i’m me and my views are still valid. If you’re reading this i’m quite sure you seem to think so too. Now, when I say no ring on it, I definitely dont mean I dont ever want to get married ugggh. I am simply stating my disdain for the need of an engagement ring IN ADDITION to a wedding ring. FOOLISHNESS. I’m not cheap by any stretch of the earth, and i’m all for the advocacy of the sentimental value of things people give to prove their love. But, where was it EVER written that an engagement ring was necessary IN ADDITION to a wedding ring in order to solidify a bond between two people? I’ll wait. YEA, exactly. NOWHERE. I have two main reasons for the route of my thinking, they may not be exactly agreeable but just here me out….

#1: Why buy me an engagement ring when i’m expecting a wedding ring anyway?!

Ummm, we’re in recession. People are getting laid off like crazy. Houses are getting foreclosed on left and durn right. If I am in a committed serious relationship with my significant other and we love eachother, its implied that marriage is a fast approaching train. I dont just mean the “oooh girl he loves me” or the “we got a kid” type of implied. SMH. I mean implied as in  he sits down and explains that the rest of his existence wants to be spent with muah. Thats enough for me. It doesnt take much to keep me happy, and a diamond I can wear on my left ring finger to proudly call him my fiance wont change that for me. What the heck is a fiance ANYWAY? I could’ve sworn we were in america and not france. PERSONALLY. If he asked me if I wanted an engagement ring, I would politely say “Nah, boo I dont need that”. Now come here and let me show you how I feel about you 🙂 Why you ask? well, because…

#2 There are SO many other things to spend that money on!

..Like a down payment on our future home. Or put it into a savings account. Or maybe a down payment on our MY future vehicle.  OOOORRR it could even go towards my WEDDING ring. DUH. Or even the dream wedding I’ve always envisioned for that matter. But for someone to spend money on an engagement ring and then turn around and spend money on a wedding ring AND a wedding, thats fratarded…YEA, I said it. FRATARDED. Unless i’m in a relationship with someone who’s income supports and nurtures all that with out being in debt which I highly doubt then why go through all that? Do something that can benefit BOTH of us, and THEN I will happily recieve my wedding ring on my wedding day. I dont need to impress my friends with a token of your love, or be able to introduce you as my fiance. When its all said and done, they dont have an “engaged” line when you file your taxes.    nah N!GGA you are considered..SINGLE! I’m just sayin.You can put a ring on it, after I walk down the aisle.#kanyeshrug

How do you feel about this? Do all ladies feel the same as me? Or are engagement rings a necessity? Men, do you agree? Or do you want to do the traditional thing and buy a ring?


3 Responses to To put a ring on it…OR NOT?

  1. swade513 says:

    do i sense some hostility?!
    this is a blog where i am simply expressing MY opinions.
    If my future husband has the means to do so..than so be it. But if it means it will be a struggle, than i can do without. Its okay for people to see things differently, because that is the way this thing called life works. I simply asked what others opinions were, not have mine shot down as if invalid. kthnxbye.

  2. April says:

    I feel like the engagement ring isn’t as necessary as the love that it symbolizes by any means. I would have been happy as a top with a sapphire ( I just like sapphires). But BUT But- there is definitely something to be said for a little tradition. Everytime I look into my engagement ring I don’t think abou the money that was spent or the fact that my ring was bottom barrel. (it has a crack in it). It’s mine- just like his heart- and it Is my little slice of heaven. Same principle as a locket. When I look into it I see my kids and my future with a man I love- and a man who loves me enough to want to slow down and do things right. So many people feel as though diamonds are perfect and standards yet to be achieved. I have to think that those thoughts miss the mark! A diamond is the alignment of molecules that squeeze together under immense pressure. Like a marriage- when the tough comes we have to squeeze togther- no more falling apart whenstuff gets rough.

    Ps- fiancé is a VERY stupid word. I hate it. I have yet to figure out how to spell it correctly.

  3. Ptang says:

    I am so glad to see that people are finally starting to wake up to how we aer being manipulated. I for one will refuse any guy stupid enough to give me an engagement ring (hear me out!) I don’t want an engagement ring and have been very honest about that, so if the guy still gets me one, then he doesn’t know me enough to love me like I deserve.

    For the rest of the world, look at what you are getting. Is it unique, special, personal? or is it just another stock ring just like the stock roses that they sell every valentines? If you absolutely love diamonds in everything, then by all means steer your man to the (antique or conflict free) diamonds, but if you love rubys sapphires or topaz, why are you settling for something generic? If you are that special to him, you should get a ring that symbolizes you, and your relationship to him, not just some generic relationship that some designer thought some thousands of consumers might have?

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