Woman BEING vs. WomanSELF…


“Welcome to America, home of the slave brave”

* :No comment for the photo above, it is INDEED another topic for another time:

One thing I truly admire is an fine man intelligent person that drawns me in and makes me take a second to think about myself and my surroundings. Too many young people in my generation certainly take knowledge for granted..don’t these people realize that our brains and word of mouth is the ONLY way to disseminate information on to younger generations?? GEEZ people!  Wack rap songs, ice, the new benz you just copped for your “mans an nem”, will mean ABSOLUTELY nothing 10, 20, 30 years from now..but knowledge= ETERNITY.

But I digress..The blog that I read spoke on the topic of Woman Being versus Woman Self.

                       Woman Self: Being who you REALLY are without putting on pretenses for others.

                       Woman Being: Is what you HAVE TO show the world you are.

Now some men may scratch their little heads and question the point of this post. But this isnt only geared towards women, the point of me writing this was to make a point on how people REALLY are on the inside and what they HAVE to show others on the outside. Some may say “nah, I’m real ALL the time SON!”. I say. Nah, son…your really not. Go sit yourself down somewhere and read a damn book. ASAP.With no breaks.  This is oh so very common amongst MANY cultures and generations..but who am I to judge? All I can do is focus on my two “selfs” and simply find a common medium. I have highlighted a couple of moments where having two “selfs” have kept me from going up side someones’ head helped me in keeping my composure. I am so VERY blessed for that. :sigh:

At Work-

Issue: CoWorker comes in on a Monday morning, complaining that no work was done and that no one ever helps on any projects. Proceeds to verbally discuss the things that should be done to the said people who do not help.

         WomanSelf: Who the HELL are YOU to claim what someone DID or DIDNOT do? Do you sign ANY paychecks? How do you know what someone else does during their 8 hours of scheduled work time? Are you sexually frustrated and need a hug and kiss from a loved one? Well, guess what. What you eat certainly doesnt make me sh!t poo…so keep your thoughts in your head until I decide it matters. Kthanksbuhbye!

        WomanBeing: Awwww…that sucks. #kanyeshrug.

In a Relationship-

Issue: Your significant other makes plans to do something special with you and then suddenly cancels two hours prior because his homeboy is coming into town and wants to hang out. *As non tragic as this may seem to some, unexpected occurences such as these are still disappointing nontheless.*

          WomanSelf: I hope you and your right hand become VERY acquainted when you come back from hanging out, she’s gonna be your bestfriend for awhile. Okay sweetie? K. Cool. Have fun okay?

           WomanBeing: I’ll just find something else to do. Enjoy your night and have fun babe.

With your child in public-

Issue: It’s Black Friday. It’s been a LONG day. You have been in the mall for nearly four hours and clearly your child is done with being in the mall with all these people. So instead of being content with a snack of juice and cookies for another 20 mintues, they proceed to have a temper tantrum all the way from the dressing room to the car. :sigh:

          WomanSelf: Beat that A$$!

          WomanBeing: Beat that behind…




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