Soundtrack of Life— Lesson #1:

            Its almost year’s end, as everyone is probably aware of this already, and I’ve been reflecting alot on my life, my past and my future. I love reading other blogs by people who have been doing this for awhile, and I considered doing something that I saw as a post on OneSmartBlack Man’s  My Two Cents Blog– A Soundtrack of Life. It made me wonder, if someone where to see my entire life up to this point, what feeling would they get about me? And even deeper, how do I feel about myself? What mood do I feel about the way things are going in my life right now, and where do I see it going? I try to be a kind of conscious individual, and I truly believe in constantly improving myself and my situation for the long run. This definitely won’t be the last, so enjoy my soundtrack for this period in my life…
Opening Credits: Kanye West – Champion
Waking Up: Sade – Cherish the Day
Average Day: Mary J. Blige – My Life
First Date: Jill Scott – Long Walk
Falling In Love: Talib Kweli- Never Been In Love
Love Scene: Foreign Exchange f/ Muhsinah – DayKeeper
Fight Scene: Mint Condition – Breaking My Heart
Breaking Up: Foreign Exchange – House of Cards
Getting Back Together: Chrisette Michelle – What you Do
Secret Love: Raphael Saadiq – Ask of You
Life’s Okay: Lil Wayne – Brand New
Mental Breakdown: Usher – Moving Mountains
Driving On: Goapele – Closer to My Dreams
Learning A Lesson: Mos Def – Priority
Deep Thought: 2Pac – Changes
Flashback: BrownStone – Grapevine
Partying: Gucci Mane – Wasted
Happy Dance: Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight
Regretting: Aretha Franklin – A Rose
Long Night Alone: Chrisette Michelle – Blame It On Me
Death Scene: Drake – Last Hope
Closing Credits: Michael Jackson – Never Can Say GoodBye
SN: Thanks again OneSmartBlackMan….this really inspired me.
So who else has a good soundtrack? Or what song symbolizes a time in your life right now? Did this make anyone reflect on themselves?

One Response to Soundtrack of Life— Lesson #1:

  1. Tashandra says:

    Opening Credits: Golden – Jill Scott
    Waking Up: Sade – Beautiful Day – Mary J Blige
    Average Day: Good Day Morning – D’Angelo
    First Date: Love of My life – Eyrika Badu
    Falling In Love: Like Crazy – Jill Scott
    Love Scene: Cops Come Knocking – Maxwell
    Fight Scene: What you Gone Do – Lil Jon
    Breaking Up: Hard to Breath – Anthony Hamelton
    Getting Back Together: Forgiveness – India Arie
    Secret Love: How does it feel – D’Angelo
    Life’s Okay: Sunshine – Marsha Ambrosius
    Mental Breakdown: Coming in the Air or Night – Phil Colins.
    Driving On: Press On – Mary J Blige
    Learning A Lesson: There’s Hope – India Arie
    Deep Thought: Put you on Game – Lupe Fiasco
    Flashback: Running Away – Pharcyde
    Partying: Party Like a Rock Star
    Happy Dance: Thank You Jay-Z
    Regretting: I can’t explain – Jill Scott
    Long Night Alone: Why wouldn’t you stay – The original by Steve Wonder and the Remix by Common ft. Lauren Hill
    Death Scene: Why – The roots
    Closing Credits: Never would have made it – Marvin Sapp

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