Yes, I’m okay…I’m just going “natural”. DAMN.

            NO, I’m not dying, I’m not losing a limb, I’m not trying to reinvent myself, no need for dramatics. Damn, I’m simply growing out my hair relaxer. Its healthier this way, and I’m basically trying to save myself from hair loss, scalp irratation,  thinning, and breakage  in the future. Thats it. Period. It wasnt some big huge life changing milestone to symbolize me “shedding” XYZ in order to accomplish ABC. Absolutely not. Although it is very important for people in my generation to occasionally step back from their currrent life situations in order to reflect and grow, thats NOT what I’m doing with this. Sorry if I disappointed you. Womp Womp Womp….pick your face up!

The real reasons for me deciding to “go natural” was a combination of little things, nothing major or catastrophic…just little things that make you go..Why not? It amazes me how people can plan for their future’s, save every dime delingently in their perfectly calculated accounts, wear the best clothes….but can’t take care of their hair! That is among one of the first things people see when they view you..face, hair,teeth, hands…in that order. Which leads to reason number…

37.) I don’t want to be 30 with my hairline touching my back, and a “touch” of hair on my head! Nothing is worse than seeing a female thinking she is the flyest alive with her long luscious permed hair…that is horribly damaged, and her hairline looks like Tyra Banks’. #FAIL. This is a situation where “Quality over Quantity” needs to preached. I was always told that long hair isn’t necessarily that cute if it doesnt look taken care of. After talking with a fellow battle buddy, I sat and thought about the chances of my relaxed hair growing down my back versus if I were to just let the perm grow out and let my natural hair grow strong and healthy. Natural hair won that that war…

38.) Lookin at pictures of myself during childhood with long natural hair that could withstand a turbulent war. As a child, my mom wouldn’t allow me to get a perm put into my hair until alot later than most of classmates. Hot combs, moisturizers, and dooky braids were all I knew and all else was not an option unless I wanted a slap from the hairbrush in the head. As I got older and was able to put relaxers in my own hair as often as I wanted, and I began to notice that even though my hair may have “looked” shiny and healthy, in all actuality it took what seemed like a million years to grow. Sometimes it matters not the looks of things, but the STATE in WHICH it grows that matters more. #GoDeep ..literally… 

39.) Why not? I’m kind of curious to see what my natural hair would look like, and there are already some styles that I’m anxious to try once my hair grows to a certain length. Some ignorant people have this notion that  because I’m deciding to go natural, that it automatically means that I’m getting dreads…uh no. I just want to go natural. I read on a blog while searching for homemade moisturizers some interesting information:

After a while you develop hair breakage (from using hair relaxer, or other harsh methods of treatment)–>You use a product, to fix the problem. (toxic conditioners..with chemicals)–>That product in turn has its own damaging side effect. So you use another product to fix that problem. ( “Hair Repair Treatments”…with chemicals)–>Which leads to damage, or a side effect in another area. So you use another product to fix that problem. Etc, etc, etc.

So, as a whole, I just decided to just cut out THAT WHOLE process and grow healthier hair. Simple enough right? Not so much…the new growth is torturing me, but I MUST fight the urge to get the end result. Atleast I’ll have a happy ending…#Thatswhatshesaid. HA!

Wish me luck…I’m sure you will be hearing more about it. Happy trails.

Is anyone else out there “transitioning” from relaxed to natural? Any remedies? Any stories of hope???


2 Responses to Yes, I’m okay…I’m just going “natural”. DAMN.

  1. I’m glad you decided to go natural because you feel it’s healthier for you and because you’d like to try something new. I’m glad you didn’t say that you were “on a journey,” because then I’d have to ask you where you were going and where you came from, and why you aren’t there already.

    The best advice about being natural is to be patient because it is one of those things where time is your frenemy. It takes time to learn how to deal with natural depending on the grade of hair you have (not good hair, bad hair but the QUALITY of the hair.). If your hair is on the edge of destruction like Those Who Cannot Be Named, then they will have a difficult time because they have to get their head healthy first. (And that’s going to take an act of God for some people… ain’t that a shame.)

    Then it just takes time to love your hair. The longer and thicker your hair gets, well, that’s just more time. On one of these hair care sites I found, a woman said she uses the time to take care of her hair as her personal “me” time, and I quite agree with that.

    During the three hours it takes to pre-wash, wash, deep condition, and treat my hair on Sunday, that’s my “me” time. Phone off, music on blast and I’m in a fantasy land until I finish my “personal salon,” population: me.

    Just don’t get crazy… and uh… you know… chop all… your hair off…. with like… a little piece …. on the side………………………………….

  2. Diety78 says:

    One day while sitting in front of the computer, downloading some Neo-Soul, I watched a movie clip of Chris Rocks recent documentary ‘Good hair’. And it was funny that this specific movie trailer aired, because I was just about to mix up a batch of ‘hair crack’ to relax my edges and ‘kitchen’. So I had this epiphany to perform research on just what exactly I was about to use to process my natural crown.

    Mr. Garreet Augustus Morgan is the creator of the hair ‘care’ product that we black women know as ‘the perm’. While attempting to create a new lubricating liquid for the machine needles he transferred the oily substance from his hand to a wooly cloth. Upon his return to the factory the following day, he’d found that the woolly textured cloth (that resembles black hair) was smoothed in texture; in which he immediately set to reconstruct the chemical compounds that initiated that cause and effect. The funny part about this experimentation phase is that he experimented this chemical on an Airedale breed dog’s fur (which is known for their curly textured hair) in which the experiment leads to a success. He named this chemical compound the “G.A. Morgan’s Hair Refiner Cream”. His mistake later gave birth to the incorporation of harmful and even deadly if ingested chemicals being introduced to the natural hair refining process. In which such chemicals as potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and sodium bromate.

    Sodium Hydroxide; which is the strongest type or principal chemical used due to its more long-lasting dramatic effects. This same chemical compound is found in drain cleaners and some lime and/or calcium removers. These are referred to as being the ‘lye’ relaxers, because the strength varies from a pH factor of 10 to 14. The higher the pH, the faster the straightening solution will take hold and smooth the hair shaft (thus weakening the natural hair proteins and leading to more sever breakage and damage). Guanidine Hydroxide is what I call the ‘sister compound of death’; this is what’s referred to as the ‘no-lye’ relaxer. But this title is misleading because it doesn’t imply that there aren’t any strong chemicals used, or that they’re somehow less damaging, but so many women and men fall under the misconception that ‘no-lye’ relaxers cause less damage because there’s less steps (and less physical chemical burn). But this type of relaxer is just as harmful as the ‘lye’ relaxer, thus making the name of the relaxer a ‘lie’ over all LOL.

    Both ‘lye’ and “no lye” relaxers are very strong chemicals that work in the same manner by changing the basic structure of the hair shaft. The chemical penetrates the cortex or cortical layer and loosens the natural curl pattern. This inner layer of the hair shaft is not only what gives curly hair its shape but provides strength and elasticity. Once this process is performed it is irreversible. This process which produces the desired effect of “straighter” hair at the same time leaves hair weak and extremely susceptible to breaking and further damage. One must keep in mind that relaxers do not help the hair, but actually strip it. So by applying chemicals to the hair, even if it’s to achieve a desired effect, it is never really to the benefit of the hair over all. Not only that, you really required to condition your hair both before and after the relaxer process; and it’s strongly recommended that the hair be relaxed by a trained (and successful) hair care professional.

    Mistakes that women make in relaxing their hair is using

    1. ‘Do it yourself’ Box perms that are not applied correctly, for the right amount of time.

    2. Not conditioning their hair before and after the relaxer process

    3. Applying relaxers to already damaged hair (which is a direct result of not conducting steps one and two)

    4. Over processing (constantly chemically processing the hair)

    These mistakes, not only strip the hair of its natural essential oils (thus the hair is always dull and dry in appearance); but it can lead to chemical burns, hair folical infections, sever dry scalp and breakage around the edges, excessive split ends, un-even hair length (one side is always shorter than the other) and stunted growth.

    There was one time that I sat in a beauty salon chair and watch huge flakes of dry scalp crumble and fall to the floor. I was so embarrassed because one of the first things the hair stylist asked me was if I even wash my hair (as she doused her combs with sanitizer and disinfectant). Everyone in the shop stopped what they were doing to watch the flakes fall like December snow. But it wasn’t that I wasn’t washing my hair or taking care of it, it was because the perm I was using had caused a hair follicle infection that was causing my scalp to flake and die. One girl I knew had to comply shaves her head down to the scalp because her head was so severely infected. So she’s got to start from square one with new growth. In which, she’s dediced to go natural.

    Ask yourself,

    ‘Why would I want to put anything on my hair that would burn my scalp?’

    ‘If I’m trying to grow hair, why would I use a product that would cause damage and stunt growth’?

    Hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of growth, scalp irritation and infection, damage and hair loss are some of the most reoccurring factors in complaints launched by women of color who use these harmful and damaging ‘hair care’ products (that do more harm that help). The FDA actually list hair straightness and hair dyes amongst the top consumer complaint products annually. Just something to think about the next time any of you go to get that ‘new growth’ touch up.

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