Black Girl Rant #3: Self- Sabotage

                     “It’s like a disease”

I like to call myself a master of observation. I often go through situations in life, and then only after witnessing others go through the same thing  do I realize what I would have done better. I guess I’m not the only person who goes through this same process, I like to call it the “glass house” effect. Radical extremes of this occur when a person will go through blatantly destructive situations as if nothing is wrong, and then when someone else goes through the same thing will have the ability to pinpoint where that person went wrong and how to fix it. :side eye: Their are many forms of sabotage, I would like to call that one “social sabotage”. I deal with people occasionally who bombard their minds with these thoughts and ideals that are generally considered “radical” or “strange”, but done solely for shock value or a sense of individualism. No one wants to be alone for the rest of their lives, everyone needs love. Only the emotionally disturbed are unaware of the need for social interaction.

Enough rambling, I digress…

There are two particular forms of sabotage that irk me to the 9th degree and I wish could be erased and never to be seen again…

1. Self Sabotage: aka “I don’t need anyone so I’m going to hate the world, and then get mad when the world hates me.”  This kills me…this and people who pretend to be what they aren’t, neither of which will get you very far in life, but who am I to point fingers?  Everyone does it, we’re human…the game changer is acknowledging this as a flaw and growing from it. Associating with negative individual’s or only entertaining one’s self with negative thoughts is a huge form of self- sabotage..STOP IT! Dont’t talk badly about the only apparent friend you have  behind their backs, but still cling to them like stockings on a polyester skirt…its not healthy, and definitely not cute. In some countries people get their tongues cut off for such acts. Maybe. Purposely rejecting any type of opportunities to advance one’s self mentally, socially, or otherwise is also another destructive act. Granted, some people don’t want to advance. People become complacent and want to keep the mentalities they’ve always had. Cool, you like it…I love it. Just keep your small mind ..over there –>. There is too much in this world to experience to be stuck on irrelevant situations, causing my blood pressure to boil and such. RUDE. But whatevs, all I can do is try to be the best person I can be and try not to burn any bridges….I may fall short a majority of the time but #kanyeshrug “let me be great”….

I kind of got lost in this next form of sabotage…I think I need a whole ‘notha post. SMH.


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