Black Girl Rant #4 :The “New” Gangsta

                                                                                    SMH.  #KILLYOSELF …

They are everywhere. Lurking in the shadows with their big water guns and bags of oregano narcotics. They make us laugh cry when they brag and boast about the crimes they’ve committed…and no tresspassing is NOT a felonious crime! They sit in college stairwells….IN GROUPS!  :side eye:. Churches. High Schools, HELL…I just found out there were some in the Military (rep yo squad son!!) . Yes, I’m referring too…DUN DUN DUN …”Gangstas“. No, sadly  I’m not referencing Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, or the Gambinos…the REAL gangsters they RAN they shit! I’m talkin about the homo New Generation Thugs roaming the streets and taking over the media Drake, Lil Wayne, Plies…. SMH. Al Capone never wore skinny jeans when he was running the streets of the Big Apple. Frank Lucas wasn’t hiding behind the guise of Twitter and Facebook getting revenge on his enemies…that’s ridiculous…and also one of my main motivations for even attempting to write this post. It’s 2010 a book! 

But I digress,  I’ve compiled reasons why these imposters are definitely NOT gangstas…. and I actually had to condense my list for the sake of this post…this generation is just so embarrassing….

231. Skinny Jeans and Smeduim Tees belong on cute little 14 year old girls who cut pictures out of magazines, NOT Gangstas…It probably took you twenty-three minutes just to squeeze into them. How do you feel like a man with jeans on that are tighter than mine. I can see the numbers on your bank card….through your wallet….and your jeans. Yea buddy, thats how tight they are. I wouldnt even be able to take a guy like that seriously…I can hear him say, ” Gimme all your money right now!” I would laugh and say “Your a JERK!” Doing the little hippity- hoppity dance thing they do…Boy go sit down.

232. Facebook is for socializing and NOT for you to threaten to “beat that ass” when you see them in the streets…thats not even considered verbal harassment…you TYPED IT! Laughable at best. Did you really feel like a man cussing them in your status?  That’s ignorant is what it is…GROW SOME CAHONES. What happened to the days of picking up bricks and smashing out heads windows?

233. Associating with people who are “gangstas” or are involved in a life of crime, does not mean that you are automatically one…it’s not gonna rub on you through osmosis. Your “mans-and-em” got 40 glocks and AKs…you dont. They smack people up if they dont get their watch. Catch the drift? When has it ever been cool to risk your freedom so you can LOOK like a G? Oh, nevermind….thats why Lil Wayne is serving a year. I guess common sense isn’t so common…#kanyeshrug. 

234. The O.G.’s from 40- 50 years ago were actually smart…you on the other hand couldn’t sell a thong to a stripper. They had empires, and cars, and nice clothes. So why are you “slanging them thangs” out of your grandmom’s basement? That’s not very bright. Go read a law book. That is ALL I will say about that one.

Now, I am in no way condoning this “gangsterdom lifestyle” or “gangsterism” as a whole…I am just simply saying that some people need to stop trying so hard to be what they aren’t. There are so many other things people could be doing with their time, like reading a book, writing a short story….hell, go take a walk with an elderly person. But being a gangsta is NOT what’s hot in the streets….especially not homo fake one.

SN: Please tell me that video at the top didn’t make you think of Charlie Murphy getting his behind whooped in basketball by Prince? :memory courtesy of The Chapelle Show:


One Response to Black Girl Rant #4 :The “New” Gangsta

  1. DietyNyota says:

    I think what’s so fascinating about today’s ‘thug’ is that he/she has no idea where the concept of being in a gang came from. Gangs where actually originated to protect civilians who dwelled within a specific community or neighborhood. And the concept of being in a gang was not originally formed to pillage and plunder one’s own surroundings.

    I have to admit, that at one point and time in my life I lived through the gangster wanna-be phase. For me, it all started when BBD made their hit single ‘She’s a Gangster’. Which was then accompanied by the 1 hit wonder Apache’s song ‘Gangster B!tch’. Girl, I thought I was hard as nails, wearing the flannel shirts, with baggy jeans; all I needed was a pair of house shoes and the look would have been complete. But I was quickly reminded of how ‘hard’ I was (or that I thought I was) when some real gangsta boo’s rolled through a high school Friday night football game. I was quickly brought back to reality, and decided to join the school Theater Production of “Crazy for You”.

    These kids now days are misguided and misinformed. They’re following more behind the hype of being seen as ‘thuggish’ or ‘hard’ by their favorite rappers and even sports figures, then they are real men. The OG’s you’ve mentioned in your posting where ‘MEN’. They walked, talked, acted, dressed and handled their business like men. And people respected that because they knew that in messing with these MEN, it would result in an early date with their maker. But look at our ‘men’ now days per say. These men are not around to show our boys how to be men, so our boys are slowly but surely becoming more like women (because this is who’s raising them).

    Our young men have been duped into believing that life for them is so difficult to the point where they’re ‘forced’ into a life of crime, to gain respect from their immediate peers (based solely on what they see on T.V.) They see these ‘thugged out’ rappers talking about how hard life is for them in the projects and these kids relate to the messages being passed. So they figure that if they too get up and ‘push weight’ or tote a 9 like 50 and Wayne, they’ll somehow either gain that respect they’re seeking or they’ll make it big in the rap game.
    These kids have no idea what a hard life is like. My father was right when he would tell us ‘when you think you have it bad, there’s always someone out there who has it worse’. And it wasn’t until I had the chance to travel outside of my surroundings (outside the U.S.) and see how people in other countries lived that I learned what a ‘hard life’ really entailed.

    •When these kids are forced to sleep on a dirt floor, with nothing but tin covering the four walls they call home, then they’ll now what a ‘hard life’ is.

    •When they walk for 10+ miles every day in hopes of seeing a doctor (hoping they don’t get turned away upon arrival; then they’ll know what a ‘hard life’ is.

    •When they’re forced to rummage through piles of putrefied in search of food; then they’ll know what a ‘hard life’ is.

    •When they’re forced to flee their communities in the middle of the night due to a raid by armed rebels in fear of their lives (all because of the religion they practice); then they’ll know what a ‘hard life’ is.

    These are things that youth in other countries such as Africa, Asia; parts of Europe, South/Central America, Mexico and Europe are forced to endure on a daily basis. Kids in these countries wish they had the shoes that a child here would be embarrassed to wear to school (based on the ridicule he/she would face). Kids there wish they were able to get at least one square meal a day with a clean glass of dieses free water. Kids in these countries in most cases have lost their family members to famine, sickness, war, disease and murder; when kids here in the states disrespect, verbally/physically assault their parents. These kids here have it too easy; they have everything they need and wanted (and then some). Which leads them to focus on stuff that’s not important, such as the latest fashion, sex, 106 and Park, reality T.V. Shows, and yes, even gangster hood. They have no respect for no one (much less themselves) and most of them have no guidance in life. No one tells them what to do, or what to wear so they mimic what they see on T.V. Which happens to be the stuff that Gucci Man, Young Jock and Lil Wayne wears.

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