Blog Challenge: Day 1 of 60….

Day 1:  16 Interesting Facts About Yourself…

1. I love to paint.

2. I have slight OCD when it comes to my handwriting. It has to be a certain type of pen, and a certain texture of  paper in order for me to feel comfortable writing. #kanyeshrug I do what I want.

3. I believe in “happily ever after”.

4. I pretend to not care about people, because deep inside I care too much.

5. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt even when I know they are doing effed up stuff.

6. I love FOOD. Not eating when i’m hungry makes me extremely mad. I am capable of potentially turning into the hulk. 

7. I have a horrible temper.

8. I hate being judged. We are all human, not GOD.  

9. I despise hypocrites and people who agree with them, cosign them, or mimic what they do.

10. Deep inside I am A HUGE nerd. (Pocket protector and all. )

11. I pretend to be a bully, so that the real bullies won’t pick on me.

12. I have very old fashioned ideals when it comes to relationships.

13. I have never cheated in a relationship.

14.  I am honest to the point of being too aggressive. 

15. I have been told I should smile more. o_O

16. I did not vote for Obama. and what?



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