Blog Challenge: Day 4 of 60…

A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

                                                                  Busboys and Poets : 14th and Vst location

I fell in love with you from the moment  I saw you. The way you smelled of fresh baked bread. Your massive size. Mostimportantly, the beautiful words you spoke into my heart and made me melt. I have never found another to replace you, and I doubt I ever will…..

….but I digress….

This place truly has it all, an extensive bookstore, a huge bar, comfy couches, tables for studying mens, intimate booths….and more importantly….the infamous Langston Hughes Room. This particular room is best known for the holding place of 11th Hour Poetry Slam and 9 on the 9th Open Mic Night among various other events and fundraisers. I was actually invited here over a year ago by some friends who had read about it in the Washington Post and wanted to check it out to see what all the hype was about. I walked away that night feeling like I had just had the best chex ever. In life. EVER. The atmosphere here is awesome, the people are wholesome and friendly and sexy, and the food was freaking AMAZING! ( try the salmon!)I had never been to a Open Mic before this particular night, and had honestly been enlightened to a whole new lifestyle. The people that were on the stage were pouring their hearts and souls out in a public forum without caution. Kanye.

It was thoroughly inspiring. I have always been a lover of poetry and the arts, and this just gave me a reason to take what I do more seriously. Check out the site for yourself: and go to an event…it’s worth it.


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