Blog Challenge: Day 5 of 60..

Day: 5   The world would be a better place if we could just…

                     “…Have the power to let power go…” – – – Kanye

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be in control of something or someone, sometimes even both. In reality though,  alot of things and situations are out of an individuals control. Some situations are just meant to be lessons, and tools for growth. Micro-managing and attempting to regulate things above a certain threshold  in order to maintain control can be often times be detrimental. Not just harmful to the person who can’t relax, but also to the surrounding people who are forced to cater to the “controller”. It’s a never ending cycle of insanity. It’s takes a strong person to be able to sit back and allow situations to just happen naturally. It takes no effort at all to be a damn control freak. Although letting power go has its good sides, it can also be a person’s downfall if they exert an excess amount of it. Some people get a little too carried away with this concept.

I digress, listed are a  few reasons why the world would be a better place if people could just have the power to let power go….

The divorce rate would be alot lower in America.

Alot of people truly believe that giving up some sort of power or control over their lives means that are ultimately being weak, or less than. The problem with alot of marriages nowadays is that people jump like cracked out base jumpers into them with both people having the inital intentions of being the “chief”. It’s important to accept the fact that sometimes its okay to trust in others enough to not want to have sole power or control over them. I’m not married..So I don’t know how these things work.

The Government would be alot more efficient and proactive.

Another case of tooooooo many damn Chiefs and not enough Indians. Everyone wants to use their power to make changes in policy. More good than bad…almost all without foresight. Why are we in a damn recession? oh yea….no one man should have all that power. Period.

The troops would be home with their OWN families.

We are basically playing a tug of war game with the Middle East. The lives of the powerless are on the lines while the ones with all the power are at home eating popcorn and watching movies with the kiddies. #Whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong .

There would be more schools in America than prisons.  

Long, long ago in a land  far away, someone with a ridiculous amount of power decided that it would be more beneficial for society if they just invested all of their money, hopes, and dreams into the American prison system. In essence, it seems alot more beneficial for someone with power to control those in prison than it is to predict the success rate of a brand new school. Instead of looking into the future, some would just rather bank on others failures. I feel motivated to be raising a child in this generation, how about you?

No one man should have all that power
The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours
Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power
‘Til then, f-ck that, the World’s ours



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